In additional to normal quest maps, in Dragon Era there exist Bonus Maps.

Right now there is tree types of it - daily rotation Exp Dragon Maps, weekly rotation Material maps and Panzer Maps that use more complex spawn rate.

Daily Exp Dragon MapsEdit

Each day player have three intervals when he can fight Exp dragons.

You can find time of their appearance from news on main game page.

Usually it will look like:

If you go to Bonus Maps at specified hour you will see additional level there.

It will have two stages - Normal and Difficult.

Each of them have 5 waves.

On Normal enemies will hit for 81 and have 400 armor

Strong enemies will hit for 233 and have 2.000 armor

And boss will hit for 380 and have 6.000 armor.

On Difficult enemies will hit 800 and have 4000 armor.

Strong enemies will hit for 1900 and have 15.000 armor.

And boss hit for 3900 and have 60.000 armor. (Exact armor not known)

Material MapsEdit

This is bonus maps that rotate on weekly basis. From chests you will get material for evolving cards.

With the exception of Monday and Weekend each day give access to different maps:

  • Lucky Tuesday - Pirate Treasure Maps
  • Fun Wednesday - Corals, Seashells and Pearls
  • Joyful Thursday - All king of Dragon Hearts
  • Thrilling Friday - Chests, Coins and Bags

Panzer Dragon MapsEdit

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