Big Thanks to Hernhunter for providing all the images displayed below.

The new evolutions belong to two groups the 5* god group (now evolves to 8* dual type god cards) and the 6* Full healers. You might understand a bit better when you look at the below images.

God CardsEdit

Sea Dominator Poseidon
7* image of Poseidon
Poseidon the Earth Shaker
8* image of Poseidon
Acceptor of Sacrifices Agni
7* image of Agni
Messenger of the Gods Agni
8* image of Agni
Sacred Goddess Demeter
7* image of Demeter
Goddess of the Harvest Demeter
8* image of Demeter
Raphael the Archangel
7* image of angel
Raphael Angel of Knowledge
8* image of angel
Queen of the Underworld
7* image of Persephone
Goddess of the Underworld
8* image of Persephone

Full HealersEdit

Mermaid Goddess
8* version of Mermaid Princess
Phoenix Goddess
8* version of Phoenix
Goddess of Trees
8* version of Dryad
Unicorn God
8* version of Unicorn
IMG 0064
8* version of Homunculus