Encounter a BossEdit

You may encounter a boss after you successfully defeat a stage in Normal Map or Bonus Map.

Raid BossEdit

Bosses your friends have encountered will also be shared to you. You can raid the bosses you and your friends have encountered every 1 hour. But after 4 hours boss will escape if not killed.

Boss raiding is supposed to be team work so high level bosses have enormours HP.  But to accommodate the need of starters and lower level players, the boss raiding starts from a fairly easy level 1. And once a boss (such as Charybdis) you encountered is successfully killed, when you encounter them again the next time, they will increase a level.

Upon kill player who encountered the raid boss, did the most damage to the boss and killed the boss will be rewarder with two bonus cards. Other players who dealt damage to the boss will get one card.

In drop you will get random 2-4* cards, much like from Pal Recruit with additions of 4* Murlocs. But starting from level 20 you can get special cards - 6* Raid Bosses cards, that can be evolved to 7*.

Higher level of Raid Bosses have higher chance to drop RB cards. Maximum level of RB is 70.

Bosses will be rotated on monthly system. Your current level of the boss that gets rotated will be saved so when the rotate back, you won't have to start on level 1. The newly rotated in boss that you never fought before will start on level 1 however.

Raid Boss DamageEdit